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Agile Innovation Leaders

Dec 21, 2023

We are thrilled to announce that Season 4 of the Agile Innovation Leaders podcast with Ula Ojiaku is almost here! 

With a line up of expert guests including Marsha Acker, Bryan Tew, Victor Nwadu, Fabiola Eyholzer, David Bland, Brant Cooper, Luke Hohmann, Myles Ogilvie and many others, each episode is packed with insightful discussions and actionable takeaways on topics touching on leadership, business agility, innovation and much more.

Trailer Transcript

Marsha Acker:

“Whenever I’m engaging with a leadership team or any other team that’s really trying to bring about change, like they’re trying to level up, I just start to help them look at the way they engage in conversation.”

Ula Ojiaku:

Get ready for Season 4 of the Agile Innovation Leaders Podcast.

Bryan Tew:

“If you’re solving the right problem but you have a terrible solution or a solution that doesn’t really fit the need, then you’re still not winning.”

Ula Ojiaku:

Join us every episode as we embark on a journey with thought leaders, industry experts, entrepreneurs, and seasoned professionals.

Victor Nwadu:

“The success of the transformation depends on the leader, the leaders and the person at the top, how committed they are to it.”

Ula Ojiaku:

Who will be sharing with me strategies, insights and stories that would empower you to lead with agility, drive innovation, and thrive in the digital augmented age.

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