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Agile Innovation Leaders

Apr 25, 2024


Uloaku (Ula) Ojiaku is the Founder/ CEO of Mezahab Group Ltd (a UK-based consultancy focused on helping leaders in large organisations improve how they work to deliver value to their customers).     

 With over 20 years of professional experience, Ula has board-level experience and has worked in multiple countries, in a variety of technical, business and leadership roles across industries including Retail, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Government, Higher Education and Consulting.  

 Ula hosts the Agile Innovation Leaders podcast, which features conversations with thought-leaders and world-class practitioners on topics covering leadership, innovation, business, agility, and much more.  

She also currently serves a multinational retail organisation as an Enterprise Agility Strategist/ Coach. 



Uloaku (Ula) Ojiaku | LinkedIn


Hello all! Today, I want to dive into a powerful concept that goes beyond buzzwords and methodologies. It’s about mindset—the secret sauce that fuels successful transformations. So grab your virtual coffee, and let’s chat!

The Lean Mindset: When we say “think lean,” we’re not just talking about trimming the fat from processes. It’s about embracing simplicity, efficiency, and continuous improvement. Imagine a startup founder working out of a garage—scrappy, resourceful, and laser-focused on what truly matters. That’s the lean mindset. This can and has been also applied in large, established organisations.

The Agile Shift: Now, let’s talk agility. It’s not just for software developers or project managers. It’s a way of being. Agility means adaptability, responsiveness, and the ability to pivot gracefully. Think of a jazz musician riffing off the crowd’s energy—always in sync, always ready for change. That’s the agile shift.

Why It Matters: Here’s the magic: When you combine lean thinking with an agile mindset, you create a dynamic force. It’s like Batman and Robin—each powerful on their own, but unstoppable together. Organizations that embrace this duo thrive in today’s ever-evolving landscape.

Practical Steps: 1. Question Assumptions: Challenge the status quo. Why do we do things this way? Can we simplify? Can we iterate faster? 2. Fail Fast, Learn Faster: Experiment fearlessly. Failures are stepping stones to success. Learn, adapt, and iterate. 3. Collaborate Across Silos: Break down walls. Silos hinder agility. Cross-functional teams spark innovation.

Beyond Business: Remember, this isn’t just for business. You can apply it to your personal life too. Want to learn a new skill? Think lean—focus on the essentials. Want to pivot your career? Act agile—embrace change.

Your Turn: Share your thoughts! How do you think lean and act agile? Let’s keep this conversation going. And, if you think this video was useful, why not hit that like button? Have a great week ahead!!